Inventory Overview

TroopWebHost can keep track of two types of inventory:

Each item must be given a unique name or ID.  This identifier should be physically attached to that item.

Identifiers can be as simple as "Tent #1", "Tent #2", or "Camping MB #1", "Lifesaving MB #3".

Once you have each item identified, you can enter everything into your inventory database.

Items can then be checked out to troop members and checked back in when they are returned.

Troop members can view the Library Materials and Troop Equipment that they have checked out from the My Stuff menu.  They may check out additional items, but they cannot check them back in.

With this system in place the troop will always know where everything is.

Maintain Inventory

Select Maintain Troop Inventory from the Inventory menu to create and update a list of troop inventory items.

Click Add a New Item to add a library book or piece of troop equipment.

The Item ID must be unique for each inventory item. You cannot have two items with the same Item ID.

You should label each item with its Item ID or write the Item ID directly on the item.

The Description can include the size, color and attributes of the item.

The Condition can describe the current condition of the item and recommendations for repair or disposal.

Two examples are shown at right.

Click Save & Add Another to save this item.

Check-in / Check-out

Two functions to check in and check out inventory are available from the Inventory menu:

Both functions begin by displaying a list of troop members, as shown below.

Click Check-in / Check-out next to a troop member to check in and/or check out items to that member.

If this member already has items checked out, you will see those items listed in the first grid.

You can check an item back in simply by clicking on the checkbox next to that item.

The second grid shows all of the items that are not currently checked out.

You can check out any of these items to this member simply by clicking on the checkbox next to that item.

Click Save & Exit to save your work.  Although there are two Save & Exit buttons on the page, either button will save both checked in items and checked out items.

Troop members can check out Library Materials and Troop Equipment to themselves using functions on the My Stuff menu, but they cannot check their own items back in.

Quick Check-In

When all you need to do is quickly check in inventory items, there are single step functions available from the Inventory menu:

Both functions begin by displaying all of the items currently checked out, as shown at right.

Click on the checkbox next to each item that has been returned.

Click Save to save your work.  The screen will redisplay without the items you just checked in.

Inventory FAQ

Is there a way to track the value of the troop's inventory?

No, that's beyond the scope of this system.

Businesses need to track the value of their inventory as part of their overall asset valuation, which is necessary for GAAP accounting.  Businesses may also need to borrow against the value of their inventory.

Scout troops are not businesses and do not have these requirements.