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Recent Events

Peninsula Territory Committee Meeting
Dec 7 2023 7:00PM - Dec 7 2023 8:30PM
Lodge Executive Committee Meeting (LEC)
Dec 6 2023 7:00PM - Dec 6 2023 8:00PM
Sea Scouts: Ship Meeting
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Dec 6 2023 6:00PM - Dec 6 2023 7:00PM
1 adults
Troop Meeting
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Dec 4 2023 7:00PM - Dec 4 2023 8:30PM
13 scouts, 11 adults
Chris Griswell Eagle BOR
VFW Post #4992 (Troop 1539 Scout Hall)
Nov 29 2023 6:00PM - Nov 29 2023 7:00PM
4 adults
Territory Merit Badge Clinic Sign-Up
Nov 29 2023 6:00PM - Nov 29 2023 7:00PM
3 scouts
Troop Meeting
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Nov 27 2023 7:00PM - Nov 27 2023 8:30PM
11 scouts, 6 adults
Nov 23 2023 12:00AM - Nov 23 2023 11:59PM
Mox Kar Po OA Chapter Meeting
VFW Post #4992 (Troop 1539 Scout Hall)
Nov 22 2023 7:00PM - Nov 22 2023 8:30PM
1 scouts
No Venturing Crew Meeting: Thanksgiving Break
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Nov 22 2023 6:00PM - Nov 22 2023 7:00PM
Troop Meeting
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Nov 20 2023 7:00PM - Nov 20 2023 8:30PM
12 scouts, 7 adults
Scout year 2024 Charter Payments Due
Nov 17 2023 12:00AM - Nov 17 2023 11:59PM
Troop Committee Meeting
Nov 16 2023 7:00PM - Nov 16 2023 8:00PM
8 adults
Sea Scouts: Ship Meeting
Scout Hall Tracyton Troop 1506
Nov 15 2023 6:00PM - Nov 15 2023 7:00PM
2 scouts, 5 adults
Bremerton City Council Flag Ceremony
Bremerton City Council Offices
Nov 15 2023 5:00PM - Nov 15 2023 6:00PM
2 scouts, 3 adults

"The Pride of Kitsap County"

Sea Scouts Ship 1661

Meetings are currently held at the Tracyton Scout Hall on first and third Wednesdays of the month from 6-7 PM. Times and locations of events are subject to change with prior coordination. If you would like more information on Sea Scouts or are interested in joining our ship please shoot us an email at:



Sea Scouts is a specialized segment of the Boy Scouts of America's Venturing program, organized to address members’ boating skills, water sports and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage.

Sea Scout units, called “ships,” focus on sailing and cruising either sailboats or power vessels. During the boating seasons, Sea Scouts learn to maintain and operate a vessel, with a focus on learning the safe and proper methods of handling boats. Sea Scouts also learn the meaning of buoys and lights, how to take advantage of wind and tide, and how to drop anchor or approach a dock.

Most ships hold formal meetings conducted in either full dress or work uniforms. Swimming, lifesaving, first aid, Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing and Seamanship, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses are taught with the ship by our own officers. The state safe boating course is also offered by many ships.

Sea Scouting. Live the Adventure. Navigate the World.

It’s about sailing. Snorkeling. Swimming. And row, row, rowing a boat into one adventure after another. It’s the call of the sea—where Sea Scouting replaces ancient mariners with savvy crews of young sailors seeking thrills around every turn. Sea Scouts learn a myriad of maritime skills while forging lifelong friendships. Every adventure is powered by tactical and technical know-how learned while experiencing the real thing. All hands on deck involves rolling up sleeves and running a tight ship. Charting a course for success in any waters. Sea Scouting is an opportunity to sail into the future and beyond for youth ages 14-21.

The S.S.S. Hurricane’s home port is Kitsap County, WA. We have a dedicated crew that loves spending time on the water. Come join us for fun and learning on the water.


Upcoming Events

Game Night Lock In!
(Dec 8 2023 7:00PM)
Sign up by Dec 08, 2023

Troop Meeting
(Dec 11 2023 7:00PM)

Troop Meeting: Court of Honor
(Dec 18 2023 6:30PM)

Winter Break Bremerton and CK School Districts
(Dec 21 2023 12:00AM)

No Troop Meeting: Christmas
(Dec 25, 2023)

New Year's Eve
(Dec 31, 2023)

No Troop Meeting: New Year's Day
(Jan 01, 2024)

Winter Break CK School District
(Jan 03, 2024)

Troop Meeting
(Jan 8 2024 7:00PM)

2024 WinterCamp
(Jan 12 2024 6:00PM)
Sign up by Jan 12, 2024

Merit Badge Clinic Day 1
(Jan 13 2024 8:45AM)
Sign up by Jan 02, 2024

No Troop Meeting: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(Jan 15, 2024)