About The Scout Forum

The Scout Forum is a place where scouts can exchange their thoughts on any topic, somewhat like a blog.

Any scout can post a new topic or post messages to a topic already on the site.

This is a great way to have an on-line discussion about upcoming plans, like where to go to summer camp or what to cook at the next campout.

Some troop members can be set up as Forum Moderators.  They can edit or remove postings they find objectionable.

Creating Topics

Select Scout Forum from the Forums submenu on the My Stuff menu to view and interact with the Scout Forum.

Click on View Postings to join the conversation about that topic.

Click Add a New Topic to begin a new thread.

The Topic Name is what everyone will see on the main Scout Forum screen.  It should be a brief statement of the question or topic at hand.

Click Continue to save this topic and post your first message.

This will take you to the forum for this topic, where you can begin posting messages.

Posting Messages

The initial page of the Scout Forum looks like this.

To post a message to a particular topic, click on the View Postings button next to that topic.

This will take you to the forum for this topic, where you can begin posting messages.

Click on New Message to begin adding a message to this forum.

Type your message into the Message window.  Then click Save & Exit to save your work.

The message is composed using a full-featured text editor.  You can add special formatting by using the controls at the top of this section.

The Style, Font, and Size options will affect whatever text is currently selected in the box.

Hover your cursor over any of the controls to view a tool tip describing its function.  From left to right, they are:

Forum Moderator

Some scouts and/or adults can be assigned the User Role of Forum Moderator by their site administrator.

When these individuals go to My Stuff → Forums → Scout Forum, the page will look like this:

Notice that there are some additional buttons.

The Update Topic button allows you to change the wording of the topic.

Delete Topic allows you to delete this topic from the Scout Forum.

And when you click View Postings, you will have additional options on that page as well.

The Update button allows you to update that message.

The Delete button allows you to delete that message.

Scout Forum FAQ

Can a scout be a Forum Moderator?

Yes.  Your site administrator can designate any members of your troop - scouts and adults - to be forum moderators.  This allows them to edit the topics and messages that are posted to the forum by the rest of the troop.