Photos and Videos

It's fun to share photos and videos of your troop's activities.

It's also a great way to attract new families to join your troop.

By default, the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery are both accessible to the public without logging on.   However, you can remove them from public access by using the Set Photo Gallery Access function.

All photos and videos must be associated with an event. When you upload photos or videos, you begin by picking the event they were from.

Photos may be uploaded directly to your site, either one at a time or in groups.

Videos are uploaded to YouTube™. You then create links to each video on your site to populate your Video Gallery.

Upload & Maintain Photos

Select Upload & Maintain Photos from the Photo Gallery menu to upload photos from recent troop events.

Photos must be associated with an event.  Select your Event and click Upload Photos.

Write a brief summary of the event in Highlights.  This description will be displayed in the Photo Gallery.

Click Save to save your work.

You can either upload photos one at a time, with the option of writing a caption for each one, or you can upload a group of photos with no captions.

Click Upload Multiple Photos for the fastest approach to uploading photos to your site.

Click Add Files to select a group of files to upload.

A list of files should appear in the body of this page, as shown in the next example.

Once your files appear in the list, as shown at right, you can click on Start Upload to upload the images to your website.

You should see the Status change to 100% as each photo is completed.

When they have all transferred click the Continue button to return to the previous page.

Delete Photos

So you just uploaded 150 photos from your last campout and discovered that not all of them are "keepers"?  Don't worry, there is an easy way to get rid of the photos you no longer want.

Select Delete Photos from the Photo Gallery menu to delete multiple photos from an event in one operation.

This function is only available to your Site Administrator and users who have a User Role authorized for the Delete Multiple Photos task.

This page only displays events that have photos.  To begin deleting the photos for an event, select the Event and click View Photos.

This will display a list of the photos for this event, as shown below.

Click on the checkbox next to each photo you wish to delete.

Note that you can click in the checkbox in the header row to select all rows.  Click there again to clear all of the rows.

When you have selected all of the photos you wish to delete, click on Delete Selected Rows.

The system will display a pop-up message to confirm that you wish to delete these items.

If you click OK the system will proceed with the deletion.

Click Exit to return to the list of events with photos.

Maintain Video Links

YouTube™ makes it easy to share videos that you've uploaded to their site.

Once you've added your video to YouTube, click on the Share link which you see circled in red in this image.

This will open up a new section on the page that contains this section:

Click the "Embed" link, circled above, to view the code that you need to copy, as shown here:

Click the "Copy" link, as circled above, to copy the code into your computer's clipboard. 

Select Maintain Video Links from the Photo Gallery menu to add this video to your Video Gallery.

Videos must be associated with an event.  Select your Event and click Upload Photos.

You should see a page like the one shown at right.

Click Add a New Item to create a link to your YouTube video.

Write a brief description of this video in the Caption box.  This will be displayed in the Video Gallery.

Paste the text from the YouTube Embed link (as described above) into the Video Html Link box.

You can use the Sequence Number to change the order in which the videos for this event are displayed in the Video Gallery.

Click Save & Add Another to save this video and begin adding another one.

Set Photo Gallery Access

By default the Photo Gallery is available to the public without logging on.   This allows you to give prospective new members a better idea of the exciting activities your troop offers.

Some parents are not comfortable with this approach, and would prefer to keep the photo and video galleries private.

You'll need to do two things to remove your photos from public access:

  1. Use the Override Public Access page to eliminate public access to the Photo Gallery pages.
  2. Update the settings on the Photo Gallery Preview widget on your home page to eliminate public access.

You can always restore public access later by reversing these changes.

Gallery FAQ

Our troop just subscribed to TroopWebHost. When I tried to upload photos I couldn't see a way to do it. What am I missing?

Photos and videos must be associated with an event that occurred in the past (we figure you can't take pictures of something that hasn't happened yet, right?). When you purchase your site there are no events loaded, so there's nothing to link to.

If you add an event that occurred in the past, you should be able to upload photos for it.

How do we make our photo and video galleries private so the public cannot view them?

From the Site Configuration menu, select Set Photo Gallery Access.   This will allow you to make the photo and video gallery pages private.   It will also control whether photos from recent events will appear on the left side of the home page before you log on.