Photos and Videos

It's fun to share photos and videos of your troop's activities.

It's also a great way to attract new families to join your troop.

By default, the Photo Gallery and Video Gallery are both accessible to the public without logging on.   However, you can remove them from public access as shown on our Set Photo Gallery Access page.

All photos and videos must be associated with an event. When you upload photos or videos, you begin by picking the event they were from.

Photos will be resized when they are uploaded to our server to save space.  From the Site Appearances page you can control how large of an image will be stored.  You can also choose to store an archive copy of each photo at a much higher resolution for later download.  This may result in additional charges the next time you renew your subscription.

Photos may be uploaded directly to your site, either one at a time or in groups.

Videos are uploaded to YouTube™. You then create links to each video on your site to populate your Video Gallery.