Security:   User IDs and User Roles

When you log on to your site, you accomplish several things:

These are all functions of the TroopWebHost security system.

Every member of your troop should be assigned a unique User ID and Password.   This will happen automatically when you add a member record, whether by uploading from another system or by entering it from the New Scout Registration page.

Each User ID is linked to that member's account.   This allows the system to display information specific to that person in the My Stuff menu.

Each User ID is also linked to specific User Roles.   These roles determine what functions this user will see on his or her menu.  Scouts will be initially assigned the "Scout" user role, and adults will be given the "Adult" user role.

If you are your troop's Site Administrator, you are responsible for assigning additional roles to each member.   Be generous!   The more members that can do a particular function, the more likely it is to get done.