Upload Individual Participation History

TroopMaster™ does not have an export function that provides the details on scout participation in past troop activities, but it does have a report that contains that information.

This TroopMaster™ report is called the Individual Participation History report.  If you produce it in text format (with a file name extension of ".txt") you can upload this file into the Credit For Other Activity.

If you choose the PDF or HTML formats, the upload will fail.  This program can only work with the text format report file.

Before running the report, please make sure your TroopMaster™ preferences are set to display nickname and last name on reports.

Produce one report file for all of your scouts.  If you want to transfer participation history for your adults, create a second file for the adults you wish to transfer.

In TroopWebHost, open the Advancement menu and select Upload Advancement, then select Upload Individual Participation History to view the page shown below.

Click the Browse button to find the Individual Participation History Report file that you created from TroopMaster™.

If you are loading the file with adults, click the Adults? checkbox; if you are loading scouts leave the box unchecked.

Click the Upload Individual Participation History button to begin loading this data into TroopWebHost.

The program will identify scouts or adults based on an exact match of nickname, last name, and date of birth.  If it cannot find an exact match it will bypass the records for that person.

The program will ignore entries for which Credit For Other Activity already exists for the same person, activity type, date, and amount.  This allows you to run this upload multiple times without creating duplicate records.

Note: As an alternative approach, if you would prefer to see all of your past events show up in your TroopWebHost calendar, the TroopMaster "Individual Activity Report" contains all of the information needed to manually enter each event using Maintain Events.  You can use the "Sign-up List" tab to enter the attendance at each past event.