My Rank Advancement

Scouts can view their advancement status and request sign off on rank requirements by going to My Stuff → My Rank Advancement.

The first tab shows a summary of his status, including when he earned each rank, his leadership history, and participation in troop events.

Click on one of the other tabs to view the requirements for that rank and see which ones you've completed.

This helps you determine what you need to do to earn your next rank.

The Rank Summary tab has a button to Request Sign Off On Requirements:

Press this button to view a list of outstanding requirements.

For scouts working toward First Class, this list will show all requirements not yet completed, from the Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.

For scouts working toward a higher rank, it will show all requirements not yet completed for their next rank.

Check off the requirements that you've completed.  This will let your advancement leaders know that you are ready to have those requirements signed off.

Click Save & Exit to submit your requests.