E-Mail FAQ

Some members of my troop are not receiving troop e-mails. How can I fix this?

First, go to the Blocked E-Mail Addresses page on your E-Mail menu to see if this address is being blocked.

Blocking can occur for a number of reasons, including

This page will allow you to resume sending messages to an address that is being blocked.  However, if the e-mail service provider is blocking messages from your site, you may need to contact them directly to correct the problem.

A common cause of blocking is that the e-mail address is not entered correctly.  Once detected, this can be easily fixed by updating the corresponding membership record.

If you don't see the e-mail address on the Blocked E-Mail Addresses page, ask the troop member to check his "spam" and "junk" folders.  Some e-mail clients may accidentally drop the troop e-mails into one of these folders, or this user may have created a rule that caused this to happen. There should be a way for the user to indicate that this type of e-mail should not be considered spam.

Some people have e-mail clients that are set up to require a verification process before accepting any e-mail addresses from a new account. Please advise them to bypass this process for e-mails coming from TroopMail@TroopWebHost.org.

Why do all troop e-mails come from TroopMail@TroopWebHost.org?

This is part of our strategy to avoid spam blocking.

Many e-mail service providers will compare the domain name of the sender's e-mail address to the domain name of the site from which it originated.

If they detect a mismatch - for example, an e-mail coming from TroopWebHost.org where the sender's e-mail address is JSmith@AOL.com - the service provider may decide that this e-mail is spam, and block it from going to any of its subscribers.

By making the From address always be a TroopWebHost.org e-mail address, we avoid this type of spam blocking. This is done automatically by the e-mail system.

We do include the actual sender's e-mail address in the Reply To attribute of the e-mail message. That way, when you click the Reply button on your e-mail, it should address your reply to the original sender.

Do not try to send e-mails to TroopMail@TroopWebHost.org. This is a dummy e-mail address. It will not deliver messages to any members of your troop.

Can we set up an e-mail address that will be automatically forwarded to all members of our troop?

Yes!  E-Mail Relay Addresses allow you to send messages to your troop from any e-mail client, as long as the sender is a member of the troop.

We created a dynamic subgroup for our scoutmaster corps, set it up as an e-mail relay address, and posted it on our home page to provide the public with a way to contact our leaders.  Scouters from other troops who've tried to send us messages using this adddress tell us it doesn't work, but when we test it, it works just fine.  What's up with that?

E-Mail Relay Addresses can only be used by members of your troop.  Our relay program checks to see if the sender's e-mail address is present on any active troop member.  If it isn't, it will send a bounceback message to the sender telling them that the address was invalid.

This is essential to prevent these addresses from being abused by spammers.