Startup Checklist

This checklist will help you implement all of the features of TroopWebHost.

Download This Checklist as Excel Spreadsheet

Step # Depends On Step # Task Assigned To Target Date Date Completed
1   PLANNING      
      Meet with Troop Committee to establish goals, responsibilities and schedule      
      Determine best sources of data for membership, advancement, participation, leadership, training & account balances      
      Decide whether to allow scouts to request sign off on requirements through the website and app      
      Decide whether the site will accept credit card payments and, if so, who will pay the credit card fees      
      Decide whether to allow adults to request expense reimbursements through the website      
      If you have both a girl troop and boy troop, decide whether to share one site or have separate sites (possibly linked)      
      Fill out this checklist and send to all committee members      
      A) If a data source exists, upload membership data for all scouts and adults      
      B) Otherwise, enter membership data for adult leaders who will be helping set up the site      
3 2 SECURITY      
      Assign additional user roles to user IDs of adult leaders      
      Send user IDs and passwords to leaders who are helping set up the site      
4 3 ROSTER      
      If not possible to upload membership data, manually enter membership records for everyone else using New Scout Registration page      
      Set up patrols and update patrol membership      
      Upload or enter current scout leaders      
      Enter current adult leaders      
      Upload or enter adult training      
      Create dynamic subgroups      
      Ask all adult leaders to enter their "About Me" section and upload a photo under My Contact Information      
5 3 PUBLIC PAGES      
      Create banner image (optional)      
      Edit the Home page and About Our Troop pages      
      Create additional custom pages as needed      
      Create announcements      
      Upload troop forms and documents      
      Create resource links      
6 3 CALENDAR      
      Customize event types as needed      
      Enter event locations      
      Enter past events for which you plan to upload photos or enter monetary transactions      
      Enter upcoming events.  Use the "Copy Event" functions to set up meetings and other recurring events.      
      Train leaders to use mobile app to take attendance at events.      
      Upload photos from past events      
      Upload videos to YouTube and create links from Video Gallery      
      A) If a data source exists, upload advancement data for all scouts      
      B) Otherwise, enter advancement data for all scouts      
      Upload or enter participation history for past camping nights, service hours, hiking miles, etc.      
      Review and update advancement settings      
      Enter merit badge counselor assignments      
      Train adult leaders how to sign off on requirements on the website and the app      
      Enter all library materials into troop inventory      
      Enter all troop equipment into troop inventory      
      Check out items to troop members who currently have them      
      Train leaders to use mobile app to check out and return library materials and troop equipment      
10 4 ACCOUNTING      
      Set up troop accounts and enter starting balances      
      Set up personal subaccounts for reserve accounts and fundraising proceeds      
      A) If data source is available, upload Adult and Scout balances      
      B) Otherwise, enter starting balances for each troop member      
      Set up credit card interface using Square or PayPal      
      Review and update expense reimbursement settings      
      Train leaders to use website to request expense reimbursements      
      Begin monthly statement reconciliation process      
11 4 FUNDRAISERS      
      Set up sales campaign for next fundraiser, including merchandise and sales prizes      
      Train scouts how to enter orders and sell on-line via      
      Train fundraising leaders how to use Booth Sales to run in-person fundraiser event      
      Set up sales campaign for sales of troop merchandise, like troop t-shirts      
      Train scouts and adults how to "buy stuff from troop"      
13 4 ROLL OUT      
      Send user ID's and passwords to all troop members      
      Demonstrate/discuss new website and mobile app at troop meetings      
      Train scouts and parents to use mobile app to sign up for events and give permission      
      Train scouts to use mobile app to request sign off on requirements      
      Plan on-going site operation at committee meeting