Event Types

Event Types control many aspects of your events, including how they are categorized for budget purposes.

To review and update these settings, please go to Site Configuration → Event Types.  Use the Search button to pull up a list of selection criteria for this page; scroll down to Budget Type and select "Equal" from the drop down list, then select "Activity" and click the Show button at the bottom of the page.  Scan the resulting list to verify that none of these event types are for fundraisers.  If you find one that is, update it and change its Budget Type to "Fundraiser".

Perform a second search, this time looking those entries with a Budget Type of "Fundraiser".  If you see any that are not fundraisers, update them and change the Budget Type to "Activity".

If you update an event type and scroll down to the "What Fields Will Be Available" section, you see where you can designate the budget type.

This is really only relevant for events that allow monetary transactions.

The default value is "Activity", which is anything other than a fundraiser.  This is the proper setting for campouts and other outings.

Select "Fundraiser" for any event type which is going to raise money for the troop.