National Outdoor Awards Reports

The National Outdoor Awards reports show the status of all of your scouts on various items that can be used to satisfy requirements for the six National Outdoor Award segments.

All of these reports can be selected from the National Outdoor Awards Reports submenu, which you will find on the Advancement menu.

The second column of each report indicates whether the scout has achieved First Class rank or higher, which is a requirement for all of the National Outdoor Awards.

Other columns indicate a completed merit badge or special award with an "X".  An asterisk (*) will appear for merit badges in progress.


The Camping segment shows the total long term camping nights for each scout, which includes all campouts of five nights or longer.  The last column shows the total of all camping nights, including long term and short term.  Neither of these includes cabin camping.



The Hiking segment shows total hiking miles and backpacking miles.



There are a number of merit badges that can satisfy requirement 4 of the Aquatic segment.



Requirement 3 for the Conservation segment has several subrequirements, two of which allow for several alternatives.



The Riding segment can be satisfied with either cycling, horsemanship, motorboating, or skating.



The Adventure segment has additional requirements that you will need to track separately.