Sales FAQ

We created a sales campaign, but when our scouts try to enter orders, the dropdown list for Sales Campaign is empty.  Why is that?

Scouts can only enter orders for Public sales campaigns.  Fundraisers should always be designated as Public sales campaign.

If this is a fundraiser, you may need to recreate this sales campaign as a Public sales campaign.

If this is not a fundraiser, your scouts should be able to order items using the Buy Stuff From Troop page.

The other possibility is that you are outside of the date range established for Scout Order Entry for this campaign.  This can be corrected on the Sales Campaign page.

We want our scouts to be able to promote on-line sales, but they are not able to view their Personal URL.  What did we do wrong?

For scouts to be able to view their Personal URL, you must do the following:

Isn't it risky to allow scouts to sell on-line?  Does this make personally identifable information available on the Internet?

No.  The public order form only identifies the scout by his first name and last initial.  And this information is only available if the customer has entered in the numeric code that was part of the scout's Personal URL.

The public will NOT be able to view a list of scouts from whom to place an order.  They must know the Personal URL of a scout to begin the process.

The Personal URL gives scouts a wonderful opportunity to learn first hand about e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Can we create a link on our home page to allow the public to order on-line?

We would discourage you from doing this.  We've intentionally designed this subsystem to keep the focus on scouts.  On-line orders should begin with the scout promoting his Personal URL.

I'm using the Booth Sales program.  When I complete a credit card payment with PayPal Here it doesn't return me to the New Sales page like it shows in the User Guide.  What am I doing wrong?

Please disable the pop-up blocker in your browser.  If that doesn't fix the problem, please contact Customer Support.

When I accept a credit card payment using PayPal Here, it doesn't post to my monetary transactions  How can I fix this?

Please check the Settings in PayPal Here and disable Tips.  In some versions of PayPal Here the Tips setting will prevent the system from posting the payment correctly to TroopWebHost.