Upload Activity Credits From Internet Advancement

If you have used the BSA's Internet Advancement page to record service hours, camping nights, and hiking miles, you can easily transfer that information into Credit For Other Activity on your TroopWebHost site.

To begin, log on to the my.scouting.org site and select the Internet Advancement 2.0 subsystem.  On the left side of the page (shown below) select Reports.

Click the View link to the right of "Activity Log Report" to get to the page shown below.

Press the blue CSV button to create your file, and remember where you saved it on your local drive.

Then log on to your TroopWebHost site and go to Advancement → Maintain Advancement → Credit For Other Activity, as shown here:

Click Upload Internet Advancement Activity File to get to this page...

Click Choose File to select the file that you exported from Internet Advancement, then click Upload File.

The upload will add these entries to the Credit For Other Activity table.  It will not create duplicate entries in this table; i.e., it will not add a row if that person already has an entry for that activity on that date.  So it is safe to upload the same file more than once if needed to correct errors.

Once you begin using the TroopWebHost calendar to record participation in service projects, campouts, and hikes, you should no longer transfer this information from Internet Advancement, as we do not try to match the Internet Advancement data to activities on your TroopWebHost calendar, so you could end up with duplicates.