Keeping your membership records up to date is critically important.  Membership information is maintained from the Membership menu.

Membership records are essential to many TroopWebHost functions:

If you are moving from TroopMaster™ you may be able to upload your scouts and adults using files exported from that program.  If you are using other software to maintain troop records, it may be possible to upload that information by creating CSV files in the correct format.

Otherwise, you can enter each scout and his parent into the system using the New Scout Registration page.  Additional parents and adult leaders may be entered from the Active Adults page.

Once you have all of your troop members loaded into the system, they will be able to keep their information up to date using the My Stuff → My Personal Information page.

But you will still need to do your part to add new members and update existing members when they leave the troop or transition from scout to adult.