Eagle Rank Requirements By Patrol

Eagle Rank Requirements By Patrol prints a separate page for each patrol, showing each scout's progress on the requirements for Eagle.

It only includes those members of each patrol who have earned First Class but not yet made Eagle.

To produce this report, go to Advancement → Advancement Reports By Patrol → Eagle Rank Requirements By Patrol.

An "X" indicates a completed Rank Requirement.

If the column is empty, this scout has not yet completed this requirement.

A dash ("-") indicates that this scout is using a different version of the requirements for this rank.

The next page of the report translates the requirement codes to a short description, as shown at right.

It also shows the number of scouts who still need to earn each requirement.

If you have some scouts using the 2010 rank requirements and others who are using the 2016 rank requirements, this report will contain separate sections for each version.

A scout who used the 2010 requirements for Star but is using the 2016 requirements for Life and Eagle will show up in both sections.  Dashes will indicate the requirements that can be found in the other section.