Deposits For Summer Camp

Summer camp and special outings like Philmont can be very expensive.  Many troops try to collect money in advance for the scouts who are planning to attend these events.

One way to do this is to charge the attendees in installments in the months leading up to the event, e.g. charge $100 in January, another $100 in February, etc.  If this works for your troop, then you can disregard the rest of this page.

One alternative is to create a personal subaccount to set aside payments that are intended for summer camp.

This is what this personal subaccount would look like, when you add it from Site Configuration → Money → Personal Subaccounts.

Note that the Include in Primary Balance option is not selected.  This means that deposits to this subaccount will not be reflected in the scout's primary balance, which can be displayed on the event participant list for most events.

Once this personal subaccount has been defined, you can reference it when you deposit money into a member account.  This can be considered a reserve account for this individual.

This is what a deposit to this personal subaccount would look like: