My Training History

Your troop can keep track of all its adult leadership training with TroopWebHost.

Go to My Stuff → My Training History to see the classes that you have completed.

Some clases, like Youth Protection, expire after a period of time. The system automatically calculates the expiration date based on when you completed the class.

You can add to this list any additional classes that you've taken. To do this, click on Add A New Item at the bottom of the list.

This will take you to a page where you can select the class that you took and enter the date on which you completed it.

Click on the BSA Adult Training input box to view a list of all possible classes. Select the class you completed and use the mouse or your TAB key to move to the Date Completed field.

Notice that you can use the calendar control to select the date.

Press Save & Add Another to save this class and begin entering another. If you have no more classes to enter, click Save & Exit.

Adult training history for every member of the troop can be viewed and updated on the Adult Training page.