Transfer Scouts To / From Other TroopWebHost Sites

If there are Cub Scout packs in your area who are using TroopWebHostCS, it is easy to transfer their information into your system when scouts cross over to your troop.

Similarly, if a scout transfers into your unit from a troop or crew that is using TroopWebHost, you can easily transfer their information into your system.

Conversely, if one of your scouts moves to a different troop that is using TroopWebHost, you can allow them to electronically transfer that scout's information into their system.

To do any of the above, please select Transfer Scouts from the Membership menu.

If any scouting units have authorized your troop to import their scout's data, you will see their names listed in the Pending Transfers In section, as shown above.

If you have scouts that are moving to another troop, you can authorize that troop to import their data by clicking Authorize Transfer To Another Unit.  You will then see their name in the Pending Transfers Out grid, at least until they complete the transfer on their end.

Click View Transfer History to see a record of transfers in and out of your troop that have either been completed or declined.

When you Select a scout from the Pending Transfers In list you will see a page like the one shown at right.

Click Import Scout Data to import this scout's information into your database.  Click Decline Transfer if you do not wish to import this scout's data.

When you import a scout's data from a Cub Scout pack, it will:

If the parent already exists in your database, it will update any blank fields in the parent's record with information from the pack's database.

When you import a scout's data from another crew or troop, it will do all of the above, plus:

When you authorize the transfer of a scout's information to another unit, you will see a page like this.

Select the scout from the first drop down list, then select the troop to which he is going from the second list.  Click Save & Exit to complete the authorization.

Please note that authorizing the transfer does not automatically make the scout inactive in your system.  You will still need to inactivate this scout in your system.