Approve My Merit Badge Sign Off Requests

A merit badge counselor can process requests submitted by his scouts to sign off on requirements by going to My Stuff → Approve Requests To Sign Off On Merit Badge Requirements.  This will display a list of the pending requests, but only for scouts who are working with this counselor on this badge.

If you wish to mark the requirement complete, click the checkbox in the Approve column.  Any comment you enter in the Reviewer Notes will be written to the notes for this completed requirement, along with the scout's comment that was entered in Scout Notes.

If you do not agree that this requirement has been completed, check the checkbox in the Deny column, and indicate your reason in the Reviewer Notes column.  The scout will be able to view this comment.

Click Save to update the database with your decisions.  Any request that you marked as approved or denied will disappear from the list.

If you would prefer to see the list sorted by merit badge and requirement, click the Sort By Badge button.