Adult Achievements

In addition to tracking achievements of scouts, your system can also track adult achievements.

To view these records, select Adult Achievements from the Advancement menu.

This page lists all of the adults in your troop.

Click on any of these buttons to view a selected adult's achievements:

The Participation page looks like this:

Note the tabs that can take you other information about this adult.

The Leadership page looks like this:

This shows all adult leadership positions held by this member.

The Awards page looks like this:

The upper grid shows awards earned as an adult and the lower grid shows awards earned as a scout.

The Scouting History page looks like this:

This shows this person's achievements before he aged out and became an adult member.

Note that you can print his Scouting History Report from this page.  This is a great way to give your scouts a complete summary of their scouting career after they become adults.