Go to Membership → Patrols, Ships & Crews → Patrols to maintain a list of your troop's patrols.

Click on Add a New Item to add a new patrol.


There's not much to it, as you can see below.   Just enter the name of the patrol and indicate whether this patrol is for boys or girls, then click Save & Add Another to begin adding the next one.



Assigning Scouts To Patrols



The easy way to assign all scouts to a patrol is to use the Update All function for Patrol Assignments. This will allow you to update the patrol assignments for all scouts in one operation.

You can update the patrol assignment for one scout by selecting Active Scouts from the Troop menu and selecting the scout you wish to update.

Halfway down the Active Scouts update page, you'll see a choice list for Patrol.

Click on the choice list and you should see all of the patrols you've entered for the troop.

Select the patrol to which this scout belongs, then click Save & Exit.

Then go on to the next scout.




Changing Patrol Names


When a patrol changes its name - but not its membership - you can simply go back to the Patrols page and update the patrol names that changed.  The same scouts will still belong to the patrol under its new name.


Sending an Email to the Patrol

The E-Mail Members button on the Patrols page will take you to the Compose E-Mail page with all of the patrol members pre-selected.

You can then add or remove other troop members to the email before you send it.


Viewing Patrol Rosters

Go to Membership → Patrols, Ships & Crews → Patrol Rosters to see a list of active scouts, sorted by patrol.