Troop Management Software and Web Hosting for Scouts BSA User Guide

It is possible for a member of the public to purchase an item from your troop at the site and complete payment with PayPal, but the order still shows as incomplete.

Usually this is because of a problem with the way you set up your PayPal configuration or your Sales Campaign:

  • You may have entered the Notification URL incorrectly on the PayPal IPN Settings page.
  • You might not have enabled Instant Payment Notification on the PayPal IPN Settings page.
  • You might not have selected a transaction type for PayPal payments on the Sales Campaign.
  • You might have changed the selected transaction type to require funds, without specifying a fund on the Sales Campaign.

On very rare occasions, the PayPal payment may not have been logged due to a communications error between the PayPal server and the TroopWebHost server.

If you discover that you have received a PayPal payment for an order, but the order does not show up on the Public Orders page, you may find it on the Incomplete Internet Orders page, which is on the Sales menu, as shown below.

Not all of the orders on this page are legitimate orders!   In fact, most are probably orders that were abandoned before the person completed the payment process.  Many, if not all, of the orders on this page are truly incomplete and should be ingnored.

You should only be concerned with an order on this page if you know for a fact - by checking your PayPal payment history - that you actually did receive payment for this order.

Even then, you should be careful.  Some PayPal payments - specifically e-check payments - can take several days to clear.  Until they do, the associated order will show as incomplete.

But if you can confirm that payment was received for one of these orders, you can record the payment and mark the order complete by clicking the Payment button on that row.  This will take you to the page shown below where you may enter a monetary transaction for this payment.

Enter the appropriate values on this page and click Save & Exit to record the payment.  This will return you to the previous page, but the order you selected will no longer be on the list, since it is no longer incomplete.

The Incomplete Internet Orders list also has a View Order Detail button which will take you to the page shown at left.

This shows you the contact information for the person who initiated the order.

It also shows the specific items that would have been on the order.

Press the Exit button to return to the Incomplete Internet Orders list.