Camping Merit Badge Camping Nights

The Camping Merit Badge Camping Nights report shows which of your scouts have earned requirement 9.a of Camping merit badge.

It shows the number of camping nights earned by each scout that can be counted toward long term camping and the number that can be counted toward short term.

It follows the rule that long term camping is any campout of five or more nights duration.  A scout can only count up to six nights from one long term camping event towards the 20 total camping nights needed for requirement 9.a.

If the Scout attends more than one long term camping trip only one of those events will count towards the long term camping requirement.  The remaining nights must come from short term campouts.

All campouts of less than five nights duration are counted toward the short term camping nights.

Credit For Other Activity will be considered in this calculation.  An entry of five nights or more will be counted as long term.

To produce this report, select Camping Merit Badge Camping Nights from the Requirement Reports submenu on the Advancement menu.