Security Configuration

The TroopWebHost Security Configuration menu allows you to customize your site's predefined User Roles to fit your troop's requirements.  It also allows you to manage certain aspects of your site's menu.

It is accessed through Administration → Security Configuration.

This feature is intended for more advanced users.  You will not need to modify your security configuration when initially setting up your site.  It is only recommended that you use these pages if you have a specific change you want to make.

On a TroopWebHost site, each user can be given one or more User Roles.  Each role can have a number of Authorized Tasks enabled for it.  When a user is given a role, they gain access to every authorized task enabled for that role.  This allows some users to have access to extra menu items and to modify important data.  Roles - for example, Treasurer - therefore act as a layer between individual users and specific tasks - for example, View Financial Information and Maintain Financial information.

Some tasks may allow different levels of access to the same information.  In the example above, the View Financial Information task allows a role to see monetary transactions on the website, but only roles with the Maintain Financial Information task can create and edit monetary transactions.

There are three pages available from the Security Configuration menu:

At times you may be interested in the tasks a specific role has, and at other times you may be interested in which roles allow a particular task.  TroopWebHost allows you to easily work from both perspectives.

The Configure User Roles page allows you to create new roles and assign tasks to them.  You can also edit or delete existing roles.  Similarly, you can use the Assign Tasks To Roles page to select a task and choose which roles have access to it.

The Role Task Report will show which tasks are assigned to each role; conversely, the Task Role Report will show which roles allow each task.

The Set Default User Role page allows you to select the roles each scout and adult will start with when they are added to the database.  Normally, you shouldn't need to change this.

The first two options on this submenu allow you to remove menu items that are not used by any members of your troop (including you) and to change whether certain pages are accessible to the public without logging on.