Upload Scout Data From ScoutBook™

The first file you should transfer from ScoutBook™ is the Scout file.  It contains information about each scout in your troop.

Begin by exporting the "Scouts" file from ScoutBook.  To do this, sign into Scoutbook and select My Dashboard.

Select the unit whose scouts you wish to export.

Select Export/Backup.

Select Scouts/Members from the pop-up menu.

This will create a CSV file.  Save it to your local drive and remember the location and file name.

Then log on to TroopWebHost, and from the Main Menu go to Membership → Upload Members → Upload Scouts From ScoutBook.

You should see the screen shown here:

Click the Browse button to find the Scouts file that you exported from ScoutBook™.

Click the Upload Scout File button to begin loading this data into TroopWebHost.

This will add each scout to the Active Scouts page.

It will also create a User ID and Password for each scout.

It will not create a relationship between the scout and his parents, since that relationship information is not provided in the ScoutBook file.

It will only link a scout to his patrol if that patrol has already been created in TroopWebHost with exactly the same name as appears in the file.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The "Scouts" file does not contain any direct identification of the scouts' parents, so we attempt to infer these relationships from common email addresses.  This will often work, but we recommend that you review your data after the upload to ensure all of the expected relationships were created.  If relationships are missing, parents will not be able to access their scouts' information, add money to their accounts, or sign them up for events.

Once you've completed this upload and also (following the directions on the next page) uploaded the adults, please go to Membership → View / Maintain Members → Active Scouts and update each scout.  Scroll to the bottom of the detail page to view this scout's relationships.  If one or more parents are missing, click Add Parent Relationship to link this scout to their parents.  Do this for each scout on the list.  This will link the scouts to their parents, which will allow parents to access their scouts' information.

Should You Update Existing Records?

The two checkboxes on the screen only apply if you already have membership data in TroopWebHost.

If you check Update Existing Records the system will attempt to find a match on BSA ID or first and last name and date of birth and apply all of the information in the upload file to your TroopWebHost database.

If you check Trial Run? it won't actually update your database, but it will show you which records found a match, and which did not.

These options allow you to keep your TroopWebHost database in synch with ScoutBook™.   We do not recommend this approach because it will overwrite any changes made to the data directly in TroopWebHost.   Since each member has the ability to update their own contact information from the My Stuff menu, you really can't prevent this.

If you do choose to update existing records, we recommend using the Trial Run option the first time you process each new file to verify what records will be added and which will be updated.