My Scouts

Go to My Stuff → My Scouts to view a list of the scouts for whom you are a parent or guardian.

Contact Information will allow you to view or update your scout's membership record

Account Detail will allow you to view your scout's current account balance and transaction history

Event Sign-Up will let you sign up your scout for upcoming campouts and other events

Shift Sign-Up will let you sign up your scout for upcoming shifts

Rank Status lets you view all requirements for every scout rank and your scout's status on each

Merit Badges lets you view all merit badges your scout has earned or has begun

Awards shows all of the awards your scout has earned

Transfer Money Between Accounts will allow you to create a transaction to transfer money from one member of your family to another.

This will display a page like the one shown below:

This transaction will reduce the balance of the Charge To Person and increase the balance of the Credit To Person.

You should normally select the "Main" subaccount, unless you want to set aside funds for a specific purpose.