Budget Template

The budget template defines the line items for your budgets.  These budget items are used for every fiscal year in which you create a budget.

Your system is pre-configured with a budget template based on the BSA's Troop Operating Budget Worksheet.  If this meets your troop's needs, there is no need to change anything.

We do recommend that you review this template before you move on to the next step.  To do this, please go to Site Configuration → Money → Budget Template.

This page allows you to view the current budget template and make any changes needed before you begin creating your troop's budget.

Click Add a New Item to add a new budget item, or use the Update buttons to change an existing item.

The Type determines the section of the budget in which this item will appear.

The Display Sequence determines the position of this item within the selected section.

The Item Name is the title for this budget item that will appear on all screens and reports.

Values Taken From Events should be checked for those budget items whose values will be derived from events.  Line items for campouts and other outings should have this box checked.  So should fundraisers.

For items not derived from an event, you can check Compute Budget Per Person (or other unit) if you wish to have the system prompt you for a per person budget amount and a count of how many to which it applies.  The system will automatically compute the total for these items.

If you specify a default value, the system will fill in this value for this budget item for every fiscal year you create.  If this is a "pers person" budget item, this value will be placed in the per person column;  otherwise, it will be placed in the total field.

Use the Disabled checkbox to prevent this item from being added to any new budgets you create.  This will not remove this item from any existing budgets.