Leadership Positions

The Leadership Positions page allows you to view and define the leadership roles held by adults and scouts in your troop. It is located at Site Configuration → Leadership Positions-.

Authorized users can add, delete and edit positions.  Existing positions can be edited by clicking their respective Update buttons, and a new position can be created by clicking the Add a New Item button.

The Update and Add buttons will both take you to the page shown below:

Adult? indicates whether this position is held by adults.  Leave this unchecked for scout leadership positions.

Title is the name of this position.

Code is the BSA code for this position.

Display Sequence determines the order in which members with these positions will appear on some pages, such as the public Our Adult Leaders page.  Positions with a lower number display sequence will appear before those with higher numbers.

Check the box "This position makes this person a member of the Committee" if this position is considered part of the Troop Committee for the purpose of Journey To Excellence objective #11.  This will only appear on adult leadership positions.

Qualifies For Leadership Requirement? only applies to scout leadership positions.  It determines whether this position will be considered when computing the leadership requirements in the Leadership Rank Requirement Status Report.  Note that the Bugler position does qualify for Star and Life, but not Eagle; this exception is hard-coded into the program.

Do not display this position on the public Our Adult Leaders page will prevent leaders from this position from being included on the Our Adult Leaders page, unless they also hold another position which has not been excluded.

Site administrators will see three additional fields on this page: