Upload Adult Training From TroopMaster

Troops migrating to TroopWebHost™ from TroopMaster™ can use this function to transfer their adult training history.

First you will need to export the adult training data from TroopMaster:

Do not open this file in Excel, but instead save it directly to disk.

If you open this file in Notepad, the first row should look exactly like this:

Last Name,Nickname,Middle Initial,Suffix,Training Course,Training Course Code,Course Date

If the first row does NOT look like the row shown above, please try exporting the file again.

To load the file into TroopWebHost, go to Membership → Training → Upload Adult Training From TroopMaster.  This will display the page shown below at right.

Use the Browse button to find the file that you exported from TroopMaster.

We recommend that you always do a trial run the first time you upload each file.

This will allow you to see the effect of the upload without actually updating your database.

You may then want to make some changes to your data before you upload the file for real - which you do by leaving the Trial Run box unchecked.

The system will try to find each training course that is referenced in the file in the training courses table.

It will match on Course Code or Training Name.

If it cannot find a match, it will not be able to load that training record...unless you check the box Add training course if not found?

That option will cause the system to add new training courses to your list of available courses when they are found in the file.

Press the Upload Training File button when you are ready to process the file.