Moving Your Data From ScoutBook™ to TroopWebHost™

Some scout troops use a relatively limited software package called ScoutBook™.    It provides some of the same capabilities as TroopWebHost, primarily focused on rank advancement.  Many troops using ScoutBook eventually migrate to TroopWebHost for its broader range of capabilities, especially in the areas of accounting and fundraising.

If your troop is making this move, you can easily transfer most of your data electronically into TroopWebHost.

To begin the process, you will export four files from ScoutBook, which can then be uploaded into TroopWebHost:


The next four pages of this User Guide show how to upload these files into TroopWebHost.  Due to the lack of insternal consistency that we've seen in the ScoutBook data, the transfer may not be 100%, but it will allow you to make a faster transition to the superior capabilities of TroopWebHost.

These upload programs are:

The ScoutBook files do not explicitly indicate who the parents of each scout are, so our upload programs try to determine parent-child relationships based on common email addresses.  This should be reviewed after you complete the upload process.

Once you've loaded the scouts and adults into TroopWebHost, please go to Membership → View / Maintain Members → Active Scouts and update each scout.  Scroll to the bottom of the detail page to see the scout's parents.  If any are missing, click Add Parent Relationship.  Do this for each scout on the list.  This will link the scouts to their parents, which will allow parents to access their scouts' information.