Mobile App Security

You will log on to the TroopWebHost mobile app using the same User ID and Password that you use to log on to your troop's website.  Just as with the website, your ability to access the functions of the app are determined by the user roles for which your user ID is authorized.

Your troop's site administrator can customize those user roles to give each member access to the functions they need in the mobile app.  Each user role is defined by authorizing it for one or more tasks.

A site administrator can assign the tasks to each user role using the Configure User Roles page, or assign each task to multiple roles using the Assign Tasks To Roles page.

All of the tasks for the mobile app have names that begin with "Mobile App".  There are two types of mobile app tasks:

The tasks that control the Home page menu are:

The tasks that control individual features of the app are:

When your TroopWebHost site was created, it was pre-configured with user roles which were authorized for some of the above tasks as we thought would be appropriate for most troops.  These assignments should be reviewed by your site administrator to fit the specific needs of your troop.