Moving Your Data From TroopTrack™ to TroopWebHost™

TroopWebHost makes it easy to move much of your data from TroopTrack™, using files that can easily be exported from your TroopTrack site.

Most of the files you'll need come from the TroopTrack page Request a Spreadsheet Import, which is located in the TroopTrack site at  These files are:

You must begin with the Users file.  This will populate your membership table in TroopWebHost.  After that you may upload the files in any order.

You can capture additional information on each troop member from a canned report called Member Details.

You may also transfer each member's current financial balance from the Money Accounts summary export, which can be generated from the TroopTrack Money Accounts page.

Rather than transfer the Training file from TroopTrack, we recommend that you transfer training records from the BSA's MyScouting site.

Please continue to the next page to learn how to produce and upload the Users file.