When A Scout/Adult Leaves The Troop

Before you make a troop member inactive, ask your treasurer to clear out his balance.  This can be done by going to the Individual Balances page to view his current balance.  You may then enter the appropriate transaction(s), the exact nature of which will depend on your troop's financial policies.

You should also delete the User ID of any member leaving the troop.  This can be done by your troop's site administrator.

If the scout is moving to another troop or crew that uses TroopWebHost, you should authorize that troop to import his data before you make him inactive in your system.

Once all of this is done, you can proceed as follows:

Then scroll down the page until you see the Left Unit field as shown below.

Enter the date this person left the troop.  If you wish to include this person in your alumni group, click the Alumni checkbox.  Click Save & Exit to save your work

This person will no longer appear on lists of active troop members.

You can still see him by selecting Inactive Members from the View / Maintain Members submenu on the Membership menu.