Member Accounts

The system automatically creates a member account for each member of the troop as soon as they are added to the system.

A member account works like a debit card.  When a member deposits money into the account, it increases the balance.  The account may then be charged for attending a campout, or for other troop activities.

If your troop had a similar concept prior to moving to TroopWebHost, you will need to enter the starting balance for each member as of the date of your transition.

Starting Balance For Troop Members

It may be possible to upload the starting balances for each member if you have been using TroopLedger™, or if you can create a compatible CSV file.

If that is not an option, you should enter a transaction for each member's starting balance.

Go to Money → Individual Transactions and click the Add a New Item button to see a page like the one shown at left.

(As an alternative, you may find it faster to create these transactions using a group transaction in which you override the amount for each person.)

Select the transaction type "Starting Member Account Balance".

The Transaction Date should be the date on which this balance was accurate, i.e. the date you officially moved your books to TroopWebHost.

The Description is optional, but we recommend always entering something meaningful.

The Reference is also optional, and probably not relevant for this type of transaction.

If the troop member currently owest the troop money, the Amount should be a negative number, like this:  -42.00.

If the troop member current has a surplus in his troop account, the Amount should be positive, as shown at left.

Select the person's name from the Credit To Person drop down list.

Select "Main" as the Credit Subaccount.

Click Save & Add Another to move on to the next account.