Family Scouting

Effective February 1, 2019, Scouts BSA™ allows organizations to charter a separate troop for girls.  We offer two options for supporting this new troop:

  1. Use one TroopWebHost site to manage both the girl troop and the boy troop.
  2. Link two TroopWebHost sites, one for the girl troop and one for the boy troop.



Option #1: One Shared Site


With the first option, the two troops will share one TroopWebHost site, with one Home page shared by the two units.  Each troop can add custom pages to the Home menu to provide information specific to their troop.

Scouts will be separated by patrol, with some patrols designated for girls and others for boys.

Adult leadership positions can either be shared between the troops, or designated as belonging to one or the other, on a case-by-case basis.

You can create events just for girls (or boys) by limiting the participation to a dynamic subgroup that only includes that group.  But, by default, most events will be open to everybody.

The two troops can maintain separate checking accounts, or share a common account.

Sales campaigns will be shared between the two units, with orders merged for acquiring inventory and managing distribution.

Budgeting cannot be split out by individual troop.

Only one Square account or PayPal account can be supported for on-line payments, which would have to be shared between the two units.

Users who are authorized to sign off on advancement will be able to update records for both boys and girls.


Option #2: Two Linked Sites


The rest of this chapter will describe the second option, whereby each troop will have a separate TroopWebHost subscription.

When you order the second site, you should immediately submit a Support Ticket to request that this site be linked to your first site.  This must be done before you add any events or members to the new site.

We will then link the two sites, as follows:


Some adults will belong to both troops, either as adult leaders or because they are parents of scouts in each troop.  Their membership records can be copied from the other troop, at which point they will be "linked" and automatically synchronized.

If you plan to upload your scouts' membership information into the new site, you should first pull in the adult records for those adults who are common to both troops.  Membership records that are uploaded cannot be synchronized betwen the two sites, but the upload will link to existing adult records if a match can be found.