Getting Started - Frequently Asked Questions

We bought a custom URL for our troop.   Why doesn't that show up in my browser's address line?

Let's suppose your troop purchased a custom URL of   You can tell the world - and especially your troop - to use this URL to get to your site.   This will help everyone because it is so easy to remember.

However, once you arrive at your site, if you look at your browser's address line, you will see something like this:

We redirected your browser to this location because that is where the TroopWebHost software is installed.   Otherwise, we would have to install a separate copy of the software for each troop, which would cause it to run more slowly and would make it difficult for us to roll out new versions.

Can we continue to use TroopMaster™ and use the upload functions to keep our data in synch?

While it is possible to use TroopWebHost in this fashion, we do not recommend this approach.

Since TroopMaster™ does not export information about individual merit badge requirements that have been completed, your scouts will not be able to view an accurate picture of their remaining requirements when they go to the site.

If a troop member updates his contact information on-line from the My Stuff menu, you could overwrite it the next time you upload your scout records.

You would also need to be careful not to create duplicate membership records.  This can happen if the spelling of the person's name changes in either system, or if a scout's date of birth is changed in either system.  If this happens, the upload program will not find a match and so will create a new record for this individual.  You can guard against this by always using the Trial Run option the first time you upload any new file.  This will allow you to review the records that would have been added and make the necessary corrections before committing the data to your database.

There are some troops that use the system in this way, but they are losing out on the ability to share the work of keeping your troop's information up to date - which is one of the big benefits of taking your troop on-line!

I uploaded our merit badges from TroopMaster™, but I don't see the partial merit badges.  What did I do wrong?

Unfortunately, the TroopMaster™ merit badge export file does not include merit badges that have been started but not completed.  You will have to enter those merit badges manually.

Is it possible to upload rank advancement and merit badges from ScoutTrack™

As much as we would like to provide this capability, we're afraid that it simply is not possible at this time.   We have seen samples of the ScoutTrack™ export files for rank advancement and merit badges.   Unfortunately, there are problems with each file that would prevent us from creating a reliable upload function.

When I try to access the site from my iPhone it returns me to the main TroopWebHost page. What am I doing wrong?

It’s probably just a matter of enabling cookies and javascript in your browser.

Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone and scroll down to “Safari”. Select “Safari”.

Find the “Block Cookies” option and set it to “Never”.

Then scroll down to “Advanced” and select that.

On the Advanced page you’ll see an option for “Javascript”. Turn that option on.

Then go back to Safari and try to access your site. I expect it will work just fine.