Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting is an optional feature of the TroopWebHost accounting subsystem which is probably not necessary for most troops.  It simply gives you another way to sum up transactions, but at the cost of having to specify a fund on each transaction.

Fund balances are completely independent of troop accounts or member accounts.  A transaction that affects a fund balance will not affect any other type of balance, unless the transaction type explicitly calls for it.

Here are a couple of situations in which fund accounting might be useful:

In an upcoming page, we'll show you how to configure your transaction types to support these two situations.  If you think you have another use for fund accounting, please contact for advice on setting it up.

Setting up fund accounting involves these steps:

Once you've set this up, you will be prompted for the appropriate fund to debit or credit every time you enter a transaction, depending on the transaction type that you've selected.

You can then produce a report that summarizes your fund balances.  You can also view the transactions that contributed to a given fund balance.