Uploading Members From Other Systems

If your troop is not moving from one of the unit management software products described in the previous sections of this chapter (Troopmaster or ScoutTrack) and cannot obtain the files you need from Scoutbook or ScoutNet, it may still be possible to upload your data by creating CSV files in a format compatible with our upload functions.

If that is your situation, we recommend that you use the following combination of upload programs to load your data:

The Troopmaster scout data and adult data files are the most complete sources of membership information that we support.  Here are sample files that you can use as a pattern for your inputs:

These files must be CSV - Comma Separated Value - files.  As the name suggests, that means that each piece of information is separated from every other piece of information by a comma.  For example, the last name, first name and middle name values might appear like this:  Smith,William,A,

If you create a file using a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, be sure to save it in the CSV format.

The first row of each file must contain the column names.  They must be spelled exactly as shown in the sample file because this is how our upload program knows what data is in each column.

The Scout File should be loaded first.  It contains one row for each scout.  Notice that it also has information about the scout's parents.  If you include the parent information in this file, they will be automatically linked to their scouts.  The system will also create user ID's and passwords for the parents so they can access the troop website.

The Adult File is only for adult leaders who are not parents.

The Scoutbook Advancement file contains one row for each completed rank requirement.  For merit badges and awards, it does not break down to individual requirements;  it just contains one row for each completed merit badge or award.

Click here to download a sample of the Scoutbook Advancement file.

If you have any problem with these upload files, please open a Support Ticket and be sure to attach the file you are trying to upload.