Upload Account Balances From TroopTrack™

TroopTrack allows you to export a Money Accounts Summary file from the TroopTrack Money Accounts page.  This file can be used to populate the TroopWebHost member account balances, but this will require some manipulation of the file first.

You will need to edit the TroopTrack Money Accounts Summary file in Excel or something similar.

The TroopTrack file contains the balances for many types of accounts.  The only type you can upload is the member account balance.  Delete all of the rows that do not represent member balances.

The TroopWebHost Upload Account Balances function requires that the first row contains these column headings, in this specific order:


Edit your TroopTrack file to contain just these three columns, in that order.  

Once you've created the spreadsheet in the correct format, it must be saved as a CSV file.   If you are using Excel, it will try to persuade you not to leave it in this format;  please ignore those warnings.

Then go to Money → Upload Account Balances From TroopLedger to upload the file you just created, as shown here.

If you have any problems with the upload, please create a Support Ticket and attach the file to this ticket.